Henry Ford said “ COMING TOGETHER IS A BEGINNING:KEEPING TOGETHER IS PROGRESS ;WORKING TOGETHER IS SUCCESS. We, the KV alumni have started taking small steps with a committed objective to enhance the learning and life experience of the students that will enable them to think and do differently.
In the last 8 months the core team along with some enthusiastic and dedicated alumni members have engaged with the Principal, Teachers, Members from the KV federation and representatives from IISC to explore and funnel down on activities / support/ sponsorship/ that will be a key differentiator of this Alumni. It’s taken more than anticipated time to shape our vision and to formally register the alumni. Now since we are clear with the what and the how, you will be able to see the details and follow us on the website (KVIISC – alumni. In ) which was recently launched and continues to be work in progress.
There is so much more to do and achieve in making this alumni meaningful and sustainable. The core team and I will take the opportunity to welcome you to join and register yourself as a alumni member( link for registration ) . We need more hands and minds in this journey to make the vision come true.

For my Kviiscian friends who are not in and around Bangalore but have shown keen interest to contribute in different ways , I truly appreciate the intent and willingness displayed. We will create forums/ blogs with periodic communication to ensure you are in touch with on the ground activities.

Keep your ideas and feedback coming in so that we can leverage on “ out of the box” thinking that compliments the alumni vision. This is a proud moment for all of us in the core team and I sincerely thank every member who has participated in various meetings, events and fun time thus far. We aim to make a leaping and observable difference over the next 12 months and look forward to your support in making this happen.
And yes , this is a SERVICE , so everything you do has an overwhelming return on investment in the form of gratitude and sense of belonging to a place that was responsible in making you a great human , giving you identity of who you are ! TODAY.

Your’s Kviiscian
Om ( 1989 , section B )

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