The Alumni Association of Kendriya Vidyalaya Indian Institute of Science, came into being, in its current avatar, in April 2017.

As youngsters in school, many of us here will remember being in awe of the very impressive strangers from the alumni association who conducted the Smt. Mridula Vaidya quiz in Gymkhana, IISc. Somewhere along the way this was dissolved and we didn’t have a very active association for a decade or more.

That’s changed again now!

The KVIISc Alumni Association, started with a bang by winning nearly everything in the first sports meet organised by the Federation of Alumni Associations of Kendriya Vidyalayas in Bangalore. We are also the first holders of the rolling trophy that came with the wins.

Those of us who took part in the sports meet (and practised night and day for it for nearly a month), realised one thing about our schoolmates: nothing has changed! People look at little different but one soon sees the kid one knew from school. They have grown-up jobs and often have children themselves who are either in school (often our school) or in college, but once they step into school, they are the same kids talking about the mischief they did in primary school or the pranks they played on the teachers in high school (somehow almost all of us seem to have done that) or the best route to use to get out of the grounds when one wants to bunk classes!

More than anything else, meeting and reconnecting with one’s classmates, seniors, juniors and teachers (who are now surprisingly human-sized and not scary at all…most of the time), has been FUN! Walking into school (and skipping assembly without any consequences) is surreal. Interacting with the teachers and students and finding ways to contribute towards bringing some of that alumni magic back into the school curriculum is an amazing feeling! Join us and don’t miss out on the experience. We also have a WhatsApp group

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